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BMD Registers

Nature of Source

The site provides access to The National Archives' official Non-Parochial BMD registers in association with S & N Genealogy. The registers record baptism and burials and a few marriages maintained by nonconformist groups that were independent of the established Church of England. The registers were handed in to the General Register Office (GRO) in 1840 following a request by the authorities after the introduction of civil registration of births, marriages and deaths in 1837.

The congregations include Roman Catholic, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Protestant Dissenters and Independents. Unfortunately, the Roman Catholics, Quakers and Jewish congrtegations did not initially comply with the request to hand in their registers to the GRO. However, the Quakers later handed in some of their registers along with the Roman Catholics. From 1754 all marriages with the exception of Jews and Quakers had to take place under the jurisdiction of the Church of England, so the majority of nonconformist marriages took place in an Anglican church. Nonconformists were licensed to marry in their own places of worship from 1837.

The available online registers have been extracted from TNA series RG 4 and RG 5 which includes the Protestant Dissenters Registry (Dr Williams Library), the Wesleyan Methodist Metropolitan Registry and Bunhill Fields Burial Ground. RG 6 includes the registers from the Society of Friends (Quakers). RG 7 includes marriage registers from the Fleet and other Irregular Marriage Registers. RG 8 includes other nonconformist registers. RG 32-6 and BT 158-160 covers registers of people from ships within Commonwealth or Protectorate waters and nationals of the colonies.

Where Found

Period Covered


Genealogical Value

The name and sex of the child, name and address of the father, the name of the mother and both her parents, the date and place of birth. Name of witnesses to the birth and the minister.

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