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Army - Commander-in-Chief Memoranda and Papers/Commission Books/Indexed Letter Books/Manuscript Army Lists - Officers before 1914 (Military)

Nature of Source

Documents relating to the purchase and sale of commissions (including Ireland from 1801 to 1859) as vetted by the office of the Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C). The office was closed in 1870 following the abolition of the system of buying commissions under the Cardwell Reforms. The papers also contains appointments, promotions and resignations. Establishing dates of commissions and promotions is very important as the records identify other series of records held at The National Archives for further research.

The practice of buying commissions dates back to 1660 under the reign of Charles II and provided the officer with some form of a pension. Officers could progress their career through the ranks by purchasing a higher rank when the vacancy arose or they could swap with an officer of equal rank from another regiment.

Officer records can also be found in series WO 25/1 and WO 25/89 which comprise of Commission Books covering the years 1660-1684 and 1728-1741 respectively. The books contain details on officer promotions and fees paid for commissions and will provide the officer's name, rank and regiment. Correspondence relating to the purchase and sale of commissions can be found in the Indexed Letter Books which are held in series WO 4/513 and cover the years from 1704 to 1708. Regiment and gradation lists of officers can be found in the Manuscript Army Lists and are held in series WO 64 covering the years from 1702 to 1823. In addition, various printed editions appeared up to WWII. The details Manuscript Army Lists can provide on an officer include the regiments served with, his rank, date of commission, promotions, exchanges and transfers to half pay.

The key starting point for most army research is to determine which regiment the officer served with. A potential source of regular army officer information can be found in the Graduation Lists which run from 1901 to 1914 which are available in the open reading room at The National Archives. These lists are similar in scope to the Army Lists.

A possible starting point for officer research pre-WWI is to consult the alphabetical card index of officers compiled by staff at The National Archives in the 1970s. The information was extracted from series WO 25 and WO 26 but unfortunately is not complete. WO 25 is also available as part of the Digital Microfilm project. Officer commissions, promotions and discharges have also been published in the London Gazette since the early 18th century.

The supporting documents often contain statements of service, baptism certificates and letters of recommendation. Consult the Army List and the London Gazette for the dates of the official award of the commission or promotion. Appointments were also announced in the United Service Journal and the Naval and Military Magazine.

The papers consist of four groups; commissions by purchase, commissions without purchase, promotions and sale of commissions. The Royal Engineers and the Royal Artillery selected officers by merit and some commissions in other parts of the army were granted without purchase by the commander-in-chief. As with the purchase of a commission, an officer needed the agreement of the commander-in-chief to sell a commission. It can be difficult to find the actual date of the sale as it is not reported in the Army List. The Notification Books in series WO 25 (administration movements of officers) could help find the date.

An officer's name can also be found amongst the surviving documents found in series WO 27 covering the years from 1750 to 1914. The series contains regimental inspection returns and amongst other things shows the names of officers present providing his name, age and nationality. Another possibility for finding details of an officer (cavalry and infantry officers only) is to search the Service Returns found in series WO 25. These records consists of surveys of retired officers on full or half pay and were taken for various years from 1809 to 1873. Service returns for Engineers officers can be found in series WO 25 and WO 54 and for Artillery officers in series WO 54 and WO 76 (Records within WO 76 are available to download free of charge as part of the Digital Microfilm project). The Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers published their own lists of officers and these are available at The National Archives and other local and reference libraries.

Service records for all ranks who served after 1920 remain with the Ministry of Defence with each military service maintaining its own record office. The Veterans UK web site provides contact details of where to apply for service records for each of the services.

Where Found

The National Archives (WO 31, Office of the Commander-in-Chief: Memoranda and Papers, 1793-1870)
The National Archives (WO 74, War Office: Army Purchase Commission: Records, 1758-1908. Series includes applications from officers and registers of service)

Regimental Museums (Some regimental museums may hold officer service records such as appointments, commissions and promotions. These records may deal with officer service before the War Office assumed responsibility for keeping and maintaining officer records towards the end of the 19th century)

National Army Museum/Templer Study Centre (The museum houses a wealth of information on the history and traditions of the Army including officer Army Lists, regimental and campaign histories, soldier's effects records, military memoirs and diaries, regimental and other military periodicals and books and other archives relating to the pre-1914 Army. The museum also holds the enlistment and discharge books for the Buffs, the Middlesex Regiment, and the five Irish regiments disbanded in 1922. See the web site for details of their collections and a series of information sheets for researching army family history)

Period Covered

1793 - 1870

Genealogical Value

Name of officer, dates of commissions, appointments, promotions and resignations.

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