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Civil Servant/Service Records (Occupations)

Nature of Source

Records of those that worked for the civil service in the United Kingdom as Crown employees. Those employed as civil servants support the work of government departments and do not include public sector employees such as local government staff, teachers, NHS staff or police officers.

A useful source of information on civil servants is the Civil Service Evidence of Age records, 1752-1948. Those applying to the Civil Service Commission for employment or for a pension were required to provide proof of their age and birth date which could include a civil birth certificate or a certified baptismal entry. The employment of the applicants covered a varied amount of different work roles with the applicants coming from many areas of the world. However, it must be noted that the surviving records only cover about two per cent of all the papers originally collected. The original documents are housed at the Society of Genealogists with the collection available online at

Where Found

The National Archives (CSC 11, Records of the Civil Service Commission; CSC 10, Civil Service Commission: Examination, Tables of Marks and Results; PMG 28, Superannuation and Retired Allowances; T 268, Treasury: Selected Personal Files)
Society of Genealogists (Civil Service, Foreign Office, Colonial Office, Diplomatic Lists and other official lists)

Period Covered

1700 - Onwards

Further References

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Directories of Government Departments and Key Personnel  
British Imperial Calendar and Civil Service List (1809-1972)  
Civil Service Year Book: Stationery Office (From 1973)  
Colonial Office List (1862-1966) (Some editions available to view online at Google Books or to download at the Internet Archive. The series continues with the Diplomatic List from 1966)  
Court & City Register (1742-1808) (Some editions available to view online at Google Books or to download at the Internet Archive)  
Foreign Office List and Diplomatic And Consular Year Book (1852-1965) (1857 edition available to view at Google Books)  
Office-Holders in Modern Britain (Various volumes): Institute of Historical Research  
Royal Kalendar (1767-1890) (Some editions available to download from the Internet Archive)  
The Diplomatic Service List (1852-2006)  

TNA Research Guide: Royal household and Wardrobe

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Online Databases (Civil Service Evidence of Age Index, 1752-1948 extracted from TNA series CSC 1) (Institute of Historical Research Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Lists of office-holders largely confined to the post-medieval offices of the English central government. Information on the printed volumes in this series are available at the IHR bookshop) (The Database of Court Officers 1660-1837: The database provides the career histories of every remunerated officer and servant of the English royal household from the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660 to the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837) (British Imperial Calendar and Civil Service List) (British Imperial Calendar and Civil Service List, 1895)

CD Roms

S & N Genealogy Supplies (British Imperial Calendar 1823; Record of War Service - London County Council Staff 1914-1918; Indian Army & Civil Service List 1862)
Your Old Books And Maps (Court & City Register 1753)