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Great Western Railway Shareholders Index

Nature of Source

Details of the identity or change of ownership of Great Western Railway (GWR) shareholders. The index was produced by the Society of Genealogists from ledgers created by the Great Western Railway. The original ledgers were known as Probate Books by the GWR as most transfers (about 90 per cent) occurred following the death of a shareholder.

The Index mainly deals with the death of a shareholder but other information is also contained amongst the records and could include events such as marriages that happened years earlier.

GWR staff records are held at The National Archives.

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Where Found

Period Covered

1835 - 1936

Genealogical Value

Name, address and date of death of shareholder; Names of executors or legatees for deaths; husbands for marriages; Dates of probate, marriage or other event.

Further References

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