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Jury/Juror Lists/Freeholder Lists

Nature of Source

Annual returns of people qualified to serve as a juror based on ownership of freehold or copyhold land and property. The original qualification was restricted to those aged between 21 and 70 who owned freeholds worth at least 40 shillings per year. In 1825 the age restriction was lowered to 60 and the value of the qualifying property was revised to freeholds worth £10 per year. Other qualifying criteria included those holding leaseholds for 21 years or worth more than £20, property rateability at £20 (£30 in Middlesex) or possession of a dwelling with fifteen or more windows. The records simply list the names of freeholders for each parish but from 1832 the address of the freeholder was specified along with the qualifying property.

Those who qualified to serve as a juror might have served at the Quarter Sessions, Assizes, the manorial courts or at coroner courts and at various other courts. The annual lists were compiled from 1696 and were collected by the parish churchwardens or parish constable. The returns were sent to the clerk of the peace and can be found among the Quarter Session papers and only include the male population.

Jurors' Lists or Freeholders' Lists are similar in scope to Poll Books. Freeholders' Lists were used as a basis for determining which citizens were entitled to vote in parliamentary, county and borough elections. Therefore Poll Books list those that actually voted and Voter Lists contain the details of all freeholders in the vicinity.

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Where Found

County Record Offices (Quarter Session records)
Society of Genealogists
LDS FamilySearch Centers (Search the  London Family History Centre catalogue for the whereabouts of transcribed copies of juror lists)

Period Covered

1696 - 1832

Genealogical Value

Name, address, age and occupation of juror or freeholder. The qualification of the juror based on his property ownership.

Websites (Registers of Electors, Freeholders' and Jurors' Lists, a guide from the Powys County Archives Office) (Jurors' Lists)

Online Databases

Online Catalogues (Listing of online catalogues for the partial whereabouts of records including Access to Archives [A2A])
(Pickard's Pink Pages for Warwickshire: Warwickshire freeholder and voter lists and Coventry heads of households) (Warwickshire Quarter Session Records: Lists of freeholders, 1710-1760 produced in association with Warwickshire County Record Office) (Dorset, Jury Lists, 1825-1921) (Surrey, England, Jury-Qualified Freeholders and Copyholders, 1696-1824. This collection contains lists of those qualified to serve as jurors in Surrey, England, and includes the names of qualified men, the parish, and at times a street name and possibly occupation)
(Devon, Plymouth & West Devon Parish Chest Records 1556-1950. Records from the parish chests of Plymouth and West Devon including: Examinations, Jury Lists, Settlement Papers, Bastardy Papers and Overseers and Churchwardens’ Accounts)
(Devon, Plymouth Borough Records 1519-1905. Various records from the borough’s administration including List of grand jury and Lists of jurors) (Friends of Devon's Archives: Devon Freeholders Books, 1711-1799) (Old Bailey Online: Names of jurors are included in the accounts of the proceedings and can be searched by a juror name index) (Devon Freeholders, 1711-1799) (Somerset Jurors' Lists) (Freeholders of Angus & Kincardineshire, 1788 and 1813)