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Pipe Rolls (Medieval) (Finance)

Nature of Source

Yearly Sheriff or chief financial officers accounts of royal income arranged county by county and held by the Exchequer. A copy of each Pipe Roll known as the Chancellor's Roll was also sent to the Chancery.

The rolls are mostly written in Latin and heavily abbreviated and were also known as the Great Rolls of the Exchequer.

From 1581 to 1591 the fines levied against Roman Catholics are detailed along with their names. All entries have been published by the Catholic Record Society in CRS 71.

Where Found

The National Archives (E 372, Exchequer: Pipe Office: Pipe Rolls; E 352, Exchequer: Pipe Office: Chancellor's Rolls)
Pipe Roll Society (Published indexes)
County Record offices
Catholic Record Society (Published entries relating to Roman Catholics)

Period Covered

1120 - 1833

Genealogical Value

Names, family relationships, land held. Especially good for the names of Tenants-in-Chief.

Further References

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TNA Research Guide: Pipe rolls 1130-c.1300

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Online Databases

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Check Local Record Societies and other local groups for transcriptions at a local level.

CD Roms

Archive CD Books (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Pipe Rolls 1131-1307)
The Parish Register Transcription Society (The Medieval Sheriffs of Surrey, Sussex and the Sussex Rapes, 1066-1400)