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Poor Law Records (Scotland)

Nature of Source

Records from those in receipt of poor relief. A Poor Law had been in existence since 1579 and was based on voluntary donations from sources such as church collections, seat letting charges and charitable donations. Kirk Session and the heritors were responsible for overseeing poor relief so the session minute books and the heritor accounts should show details of payments made to the poor. Persons in receipt of poor relief should also be shown on the parish poor rolls. Increasing urbanisation and a decline in the influence of the Kirk led to problems administrating poor relief.

The Poor Law Act (Scotland) of 1845 reformed the arrangements. The Act created a central Board of Supervision in Edinburgh which granted the poor payments, delivered at parish level by parochial boards and by parish councils from 1894. Therefore, poor relief records might continue to appear amongst heritor accounts and Kirk session records. After 1894 elected parish councils took over responsibility for poor relief. The Board of Supervision were obliged to compile a general register of the poor which carried a detailed description of the pauper. Poorhouses were established and unlike England, inmates were not put to work.

The records can be useful for researching Irish immigrants who arrived in Scotland following the potato famine in the late 1840s and early 1850s. After 1921 separate registers were kept of those needing poor relief and those needing some form of unemployment benefit. Some people were forcibly removed to their parish of settlement to avoid paying relief.

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Where Found

ScotlandsPeople Centre (The ScotlandsPeople Centre is the official government resource for family history research. Pauper records can be found amongst various series including heritor minutes and kirk session records for the Old Poor Law and parochial boards records for counties in East Lothian, Midlothian and Wigtownshire and parish councils records for the New Poor Law. ScotlandsPeople Centre is a partnership between the National Records of Scotland and the Court of the Lord Lyon. The National Records of Scotland was created on 1 April 2011 by the amalgamation of the National Archives of Scotland and General Register Office for Scotland)
Mitchell Library, Glasgow (Indexed copies of Glasgow poor relief applications and other items such as the original applications, photos, illustrations, plans, maps and books)
Edinburgh City Archives (Lists of poor relief recipients, lunatic asylum records and workhouse records)
Aberdeen City Archives (Poor Relief Records)
County Record Offices & local libraries (Kirk Session minutes, heritor's minutes, parochial board records)

Period Covered

1759 - 1930

Genealogical Value

Applicant’s name, resident address, place of birth, condition (married/single), age, occupation and religion; Date and place of marriage; Parent’s names; Names and ages of dependants and names of children not dependant; Date of application, date of inspector's visit to applicant, previous applications and reasons if refused.

Most of the more detailed information is recorded in the post 1845 records.

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Online Databases

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