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Returns of Aliens (Immigration)

Nature of Source

Lists of people born overseas and residing in England during the 16th and 17th centuries. Aliens are listed in the State Papers in the 16th and 17th centuries and many of these were Protestant Huguenots escaping persecution from the largely Catholic Low Countries and France. Many of these names have been indexed and published by the Huguenot Society or calendared. Lay Subsidy Rolls provide lists of aliens as they were liable to a special tax on aliens charged at double the rate.

Where Found

The National Archives (SP 10, The State Papers, Domestic, Edward VI; SP 11, State Papers Domestic, Mary I; SP 12 and SP 13, State Papers Domestic, Elizabeth I; SP 14, State Papers Domestic, James I; SP 15, State Papers Domestic, Edward VI-James I; SP 16, State Papers Domestic, Charles I; SP 18; State Papers Domestic, Civil War and Interregnum; SP 29 and SP 30, State Papers Domestic, Charles II. [These series includes surveys and registers of strangers or aliens mainly in London but also the regions]; SP 44/67, returns of foreign residents in London, 1678)

Period Covered

1529 - 1639

Genealogical Value

Names, ages, addresses, occupations, family relationships country and place of origin.

Further References

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Search the Internet Archive and Google Books for non-copyright editions of Calendars of State Papers or subscribe to British History Online for many searchable editions of Calendars.

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Online Databases (Alien Arrivals, 1810-1811, 1826-1869; Lists of aliens, non-British citizens, arriving in England between 1810 and 1869 extracted from series FO 83/21-22, HO 2, HO 3 and CUST 102/393-396) (SoG Data Online: Polish Refugee subsistence and genealogical data. Members of the Society of Genealogists are able to view these records for free via their existing membership. Non-members can carry out free surname searches but will need to join the society to view the full record details) (Aliens Registers Index: Index to the Aliens Registers held at Edinburgh City Archives)

CD Roms

Huguenot Society (Quarto Series: CD-ROM 3: Denization & Naturalisation)