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Surveys, Parliamentary/Commonwealth

Nature of Source

A survey of all crown and church land, including topographical information made during the Commonwealth, in preparation for the sale of Crown lands. Occasionally these surveys might be found amongst the collections of family and estate records.

Where Found

The National Archives (E 317, Trustees for Crown Lands and Fee Farm Rents: Parliamentary Surveys; LR 2, Parliamentary surveys taken under the acts of 1649 and 1650 for the sale of the Crown lands and fee-farm rents kept by the Registrar to the trustees for the sale of the Crown lands; DL 32, Duchy of Lancaster: Parliamentary Surveys throughout England and Wales)
County Record Offices
Lambeth Palace Library
British Library (Published books)
LDS FamilySearch Centers (Microfilm copies of surveys)

Period Covered

1649 - 1650

Genealogical Value

Names of tenants, address of land held

Further References

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Websites (The Parliamentary Survey) (Historic property taxation and valuation in Britain and Ireland: Commonwealth surveys)

Online Databases (Parliamentary Survey of the Duchy of Cornwall, manors in the parishes of South Hill, North Hill, and Stoke Climsland) (1660 Parliamentary Survey of Cornwall, Manor of Treverbyn Courtney)