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Tontines (Finance) (Also Ireland)

Nature of Source

Records generated from a form of annuity (fixed annual income for life) organised by the state. The investors shared the annuity each year until each investor died leaving a sole subscriber. Tontines were usually associated with the wealthy who often subscribed on behalf of a relative (nominee). Some borough corporations also organised their own tontines. Records of Irish tontines are also available at The National Archives, although the subscribers were not necessarily of Irish origin.

Where Found

The National Archives (NDO 1, National Debt Office: Tontine, 1789; NDO 2, National Debt Office: Tontine, 1789; NDO 3, National Debt Office: Irish Tontines, 1773-1777)
British Library (Published records)

Period Covered

1693 - 1789

Genealogical Value

Name and address of the subscriber and nominee. Names of the nominee's parents. Age and date of death of the nominee.

Further References

Bevan, Amanda. Tracing Your Ancestors in the National Archives: The National Archives, 2006  
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Online Databases (Nominees of the first British tontine of 1693)